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  Blast Cabinets— What Installers and Maintenance Personnel Need to know Static build up is an issue for blasting operations because dust is always present. And static charge must be continuously dissipated to prevent an accumulation of an electrostatic charge that can result in a spark, which can cause an explosion. A few simple steps taken to properly ground the blast cabinet and flex hoses during installation and maintenance will control static electricity and produce a safer, more comfortable, and … Read More

Why plastic media blasting and Kleen Blast/HD Supply?

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LVI’s VP Chris Pechon explains: “We’re restoring roughly 360 window frames back to their original condition. What makes it especially challenging is not only the fact that there’s several layers of lead-based paint that was actually baked on, but that we’re required to keep the original glass intact without damaging it. We tried aluminum oxides, but they etched the glass. We brought in expensive dry ice product and equipment, but by the time we got down to base metal, the … Read More

Kleen Blast Joins The Justice League

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LA Hall of Justice Restoration Project Long it reigned as L.A.’s “Taj Mahal of Misdeeds”. It stood proudly since 1926, swathed in white Sierra granite, molded in the august beaux arts style. Then after the 1994 Northridge earthquake, the Los Angeles Hall of Justice was Red Tagged and abandoned due to structural damages. Its 14 floors of courtrooms, jail cells, and coroner tables mothballed till a plan of proper restoration could be funded KLEEN BLAST is proud to be part … Read More

Al Capone Yacht Restoration

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Al Capone’s Yacht Restored with Kleen Blast and The New KBV Blast and Recovery System You can’t help but be excited when a call comes for guidance to restore Al Capone’s yacht, the long out of service Acania II. The 136 foot motor yacht has an illustrious history and a Who’s Who cast of characters. Not only was Chicago mobster Al Capone an “ unlisted” owner but Pharmaceutical heir Charles Walgreen, jazz legend Mr. Miles Davis and the United States … Read More

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