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Accessories & Replacement Parts for BULLARD GenVX
Item # Description Price
GVXCS Replacement Chinstrap (Pack of 10) 44.08
GVXCT Breathing Tube Connector Kit 26.47
GVXDMK Door Maintentance Kit 44.77
GVXRT Ratchet Suspension 15.53
GVXCP Cheek Pads (pair) 39.99
GVXCA Carrying Assembly 16.69
RBPCOTTON Cotton Brow Pad 4.40
RBPVINYL Vinyl Brow Pad 4.19
RBPCOOL Polartec Brow Pad 5.94
GVXHP Hinge Pin (pack of 10) 57.33
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BULLARD 41 Series Airline Filters
BULLARD 41 Series Airline Filters

Bullard 41 Series airline filters can be used in conjunction with other compressor safeguards to supply cleaner air to airline respirators. Seven layer filtration media effectively traps water, oil, particulates, odors, and organic vapors so that cleaner air can be delivered to workers or equipment. Carded cotton, felt material, activated charcoal and activated alumina work in sequence for air filtration. The 41 Series airline filters can help deliver air for up to six workers.

The Bullard 41 Series Airline Filters include the 41A (single outlet), 41P2 (two-outlets), 41P6 (six-outlets), 41P6WM (six-outlets and wall mountable) and now the 41P2WM. The 41 Series Filters are Heavy Duty, Lightweight, Portable and Versatile.


  • Heavy duty, steel housing withstands rugged industrial environments
  • Available in two outlet and six outlet models for respirator use and single outlet model for non-respirator use
  • Offers easy portability, weighing approximately 23 pounds (10.5 kg)

View BULLARD 41 Series Replacement filter cartridge

$0.00 SKU: 41P2WM
Bullard 41 Series Replacement Filter cartridge
BULLARD 41 Series Replacement filter cartridge

Seven Stage Filtration with Just One Filter

Airline filter is used in conjunction with other compressor safeguards to supply cleaner air to airline respirators.

  • For use with Bullard® 41 Series Airline Filter
  • Replacing worn or damaged parts ensures great protection and performance
  • 7 layer filtration effectively traps oil, water, particulates, odors, and organic vapors, delivering cleaner air to workers
  • Large capacity filter cartridge allows longer periods of filtration
  • Manufactured in an ISO 9002 Registered facility
$45.65 SKU: 41AF
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Bullard FreeAir Pump
Bullard Free Air® Pumps

Easy to operate and easy to maintain, Bullard Free-Air pumps offer a low cost way to supply clean breathable air to workers in contaminated environments. 

Available Literature:

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GenVX Assemblies
Bullard GenVX Assemblies

GenVX Assemblies come with:

  • Helmet
  • Hansen Compatable fittings- Standard Bullard Connection
  • pack of 5 outer lens covers
Item # Description Price
GVX2830CT 28″ Cape Assembly with Cool Tube $599.99 $389.08
GVX2830CT AC 1000  28″ Cape Assembly with AC1000 Cool Tube $620.59 $389.08
GVX 1330 HCT  38″ Cape Assembly  with HCT Hot Cold Tube $799.59 $389.08
GVX1330CT 38″ Cape Assembly with CT Cool Tube $540.11 $389.08

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Clean Air Box Series (CAB) Breathing Air Filtration Systems
Clean Air Box Series (CAB) Breathing Air Filtration Systems

Bullard Clean Air Boxes (CAB) offer superior breathing air filtration in a durable easy to use format. OSHA requires that employers provide their workers wearing airline respirators with Grade D breathing air. Bullard Clean Air Boxes provide 3-stage filtration and carbon monoxide (CO) monitoring to help meet this requirement.

Clean Air Box Three-Stage Filtration
Three stages of filtration remove oil, water, particulate, oil vapor and odors.

  • First Stage – The first filter element removes 95% of solid contaminants and bulk liquids from the breathing air, down to five microns, prolonging the life of the second and third stage elements.
  • Second Stage – This high efficiency filter element removes particulates and extremely fine oil mists down to .01 microns. The maximum remaining oil content is <.01 ppm by weight. Includes automatic drain. Filter efficiency is 99.9998%.
  • Third Stage – This activated charcoal element removes unpleasant oil and hydrocarbon vapors and odors from the air.


  • Rugged construction: polycarbonate Pelican® cases (portable units) and powder coated steel (wall mount units)
  • Automatic condensate drains extend filter element life
  • Independent regulators (optional)
  • Filter change indicators visually alert the operator to replace element
  • Replacement filters are compatible with other brands of filtration panels
  • Auto calibration takes less than 90 seconds with no tools
  • High intensity 90 dB alarm; remote capable with strobe
  • Self-contained, with 80+ hours of operation on 8-AA batteries; 110VAC power cord also included

Bullard’s Clean Air Box utilizes auto-calibration – one of our most valued features.

Painting and Coatings Operations
Abrasive Blasting


Shop for Replacement Filters for CAB 15 & CAB 30

Shop for Replacement Filters for CAB 50

$2,848.00 SKU: CAB-Series
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Climate Control Systems
Climate Control Systems

When summer days get too hot air exiting a typical breathing air compressor can exceed 300° F. Even with properly installed after-coolers and in-line filters, the air entering a respirator could exceed ambient air temperatures. If workers breathe excessively warm air for prolonged periods of time, they may experience discomfort, fatigue, and possibly dehydration. During winter months, excessively cold air can have similar effects. With this Climate Control Assembly workers can adjust and control temperature of air delivered to respirator.

Item # Item Name Price
BUAC1000 Cold Tubes-Adjustable Flow (Schrader and Snap-Tite also available) $168.10
BUHC2400 Hot/Cold Tubes-Adjustable Flow (Schrader and Snap-Tite also available) $292.50
BUMV2400 Replacement Parts for Climate Control Assemblies $63.20
BUFrigitron 2000 Cool Tube-Adjustable Flow $525.00
BUDC70 Cooling Vest Used with DC50 Series $217.00
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Cold Tubes  Bullard
Cold Tubes Bullard

The latest innovation in climate control… the CT Cool Tube helps maintain worker comfort and maximize productivity when working in extremely hot and humid environments. Lightweight and comfortable, weighing 3.8 ounces, the CT cools incoming air by as much as 32ºF while directing hot air away from the body. Equipped with an exhaust filter that protects against paint overspray and extends the product life. The CT Cool Tube is available with the DynaSwivel fitting for greater mobility.

Available Products

Item # Description Price
CT30B Hansen Nipple( standard Bullard fitting) 159.99
CT31 Schrader Nipple 169.99
CT32 Snap-Tite Steel Nipple 169.99
CT33 Snap-Tite Brass Nipple 181.93
CT37 CEJN Nipple 189.32
CT38 Bayonet Nipple 184.68
CTF Cool Tube filter replacement pack of 10 9.99
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Hot/Cold Tubes  Bullard
Hot/Cold Tubes Bullard

Bullard Hot/Cold Tubes cool or warm incoming air from compressed breathing sources. When used in cool mode, the Hot/Cold Tube decreases the incoming air temperature by as much as 30° F (17° C). When warming incoming air, with a Bullard Hot/Cold Tube, the air temperature can be increased by up to 30° F (17° C). The Bullard Hot/Cold Tube is Model HC2400. Accessories include leather heat shield and assorted belts..

Available Products

Item # Description Price
HCT30 Hansen Nipple 300.53
HCT31 Schrader Nipple 300.53
HCT32 Snap-Tite Steel Nipple 300.53
HCT33 Snap-Tite Brass Nipple 300.53
HCT37 CEJN Nipple 319.26
HCT38 Bayonet Nipple 312.92
HCTK Hot/Cool Tube Filter Kit includes foam and screen 19.99
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