Black Silicon Carbide
Black Silicon Carbide

Carborex RA Black Silicon Carbide


Bonded Abrasives and General Industrial

Black silicon carbide (SiC ) is produced in electrical internal resistance furnaces from high purity Silica sand and petroleum coke. Its combination of being very hard and sharp makes it a very aggressive abrasive ideal for many applications.


Black silicon carbide (SiC ) is typically used on hard or brittle materials.

It is also used for:

  • kiln furniture
  • lapping and polishing
  • non-woven
  • tumbling
  • pressure blasting
  • anti-skid
  • electrical heating elements
  • aerospace
  • composites
  • Reusable abrasive
  • Grinding, lapping and polishing
  • Wear-resistant and refractory
  • Grinding wheels
Item # Size Profile Price
SC5510 55lb Bag #10 $95.00
SC5512 55lb Bag #12 $95.00
SC5516 55lb Bag #16 $95.00
SC5524 55lb Bag #24 $95.00
SC5536 55lb Bag #36 $95.00
SC4046 40lb Bag #46 $95.00
SC5560 55lb Bag #60 $95.00
SC5580 55lb Bag #80 $95.00
SC55100 55lb Bag #100 $105.00
SC55150 55lb Bag #150 $105.00
SC55180 55lb Bag #180 $105.00
SC55220 55lb Bag #220 $105.00
SC55240 55lb Bag #240 $105.00
SC44F320 44lb Bag #320 $140.00
SC44F400 44lbBag #400 $145.00
SC44F500 44lbBag #500 $150.00
SC44F600 44lbBag #600 $155.00
SC44F800 44lbBag #800 $165.00
SC44F1000 44lbBag #1000 $170.00
SC44F1200 44lbBag #1200 $175.00

Black Silicon Carbide MSDS

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Sandblasting Cast Steel Grit Abrasive Media
Cast Steel Grit

Cast steel grit of the highest quality and consistency.  To order cast steel grit, contact us today!

  • Produced by crushing specially heat treated shot pellets
  • Behavior performance depends on the hardness used:
    • GB – More aggressive than shot and GP Angular Shot
    • GL – Harder and more aggressive
    • GH – Most aggressive
    • GR – Special Granite Cutting Product
  • V : All Pass
  • % : min. cumulative percentages allowed on corresponding screens

Comes in 50 lb bags

Call for ton & quantity prices


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Sandblasting Cast Steel Shot Abrasive
Cast Steel Shot

Cast Steel Shot is the product of choice for cleaning in every type of wheel machine as well as room blast where nozzles are utilized in air blasting. Shot is generally employed in wheel machines where smoother finishes are required. It is also used in spin blast and conveyor applications when no rebound is present. Grit works best in tumblast applications where the eccentric rebound aids coverage. Airblast applications work best with high hardness grit for fast cleaning.

  • Hypereutectoid steel in a fully heat treated condition
  • Uniform structure of finely tempered martensite
  • The above combination provides optimum resilience and resistance to fatigue
  • V: All Pass
  • % : min. and max. cumulative percentages allowed on corresponding screens

Comes in 50 lb bags

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CEMEX Lapis Lustre Abrasive Sand Media
CEMEX Lapis Lustre Sand

Factory Direct Loads: Now 2 Pneumatic Trucks and 2 Flats on the Road Daily
Over 10 Truckloads Ready for Will Call

Size Price
#3 $30.00
#60 $25.00
#0/30 $25.00
#1/20 $25.00
#2/12 $25.00
#2/16 $25.00
#1C $25.00
Medium Aquarium $25.00

Comes in 50 lb bags

Call for ton and Quantity price

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Using a vapor abrasive system for sandblasting will increase the profile crushed glass can achieve. Air pressure, air supply and operator experience in sandblasting can influence results.

Item Profile Usage Price per bag Price per ton
3 mil Rust, Bridges, Ships, Concrete Dressing, Steel Surfaces $9.70 Call for Quote
2 mil Stainless Steel, Light Scale, Graffiti, Concrete Dressing $9.70 Call for Quote
1/2 – 1-1/2 mil Soft Materials, De-Greasing $10.20 Call for Quote

Comes in 50lb bags Call for quantity price Downloads

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Sandblasting Corn Cob abrasive

Corncob blasting media is used for cleaning delicate surfaces such as wood, stone, block and glass. Will not scratch glass surface.

Option 1 1014
Option 2 2040

Comes in 40 lb per bag

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Sandblasting kleen blast Abrasive Media
Kleen Blast Abrasives

Kleen Blast abrasive for sandblasting is black angular to sub-angular granules manufactured by Kleenblast.

Item Type Size Profile (mil) Price
HK400 Large 8-12 5.0 + 25.00
HK402 Medium 16-30 2.5 – 5.0 25.00
HK404 Medium/Large 16 4.0 – 5.0 25.00
HK406 Med/Fine 35 1.5 – 3.0 25.00
HK408 Fine 30-60 0.05 – 1.5 25.00


Comes in 50lb bag

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Mulgrit Brown Fused Al2O3
Mulgrit Brown Fused Al2O3

An Aluminum oxide manufactured in an electric arc furnace that produces an extremely tough, long-lasting grain which is graded to exacting standards. It may be repeatedly recirculated and is chemically stable and not affected by alkalis, acids or harmful atmospheres.


Mulgrit™ is suitable for:

  • Wet or dry surface preparation
  • Cleaning
  • Deburring & cutting of  metals, ceramics, glass, wood, rubber, plastic, stone & composite materials.

Call for ton and Quantity price

Item # Name Size Price
Brown Fused Aluminum Oxide All Other Sizes Call for ton and price. QUOTE
AO508 #8 50lb Bag #8 $46.67
AO5012 #12 50lb Bag #12 $46.67
AO5016 #16 50lb Bag #16 $46.67
AO5020 #20 50lb Bag #20 $46.67
AO5024 #24 50lb Bag #24 $46.67
AO5036 #36 50lb Bag #36 $46.67
AO5046 #46 50lb Bag #46 $46.67
AO5054 #54 50lb Bag #54 $46.67
AO5060 #60 50lb Bag #60 $52.22
AO5080 #80 50lb Bag #80 $52.22
AO5090 #90 50lb Bag #90 $52.22
AO50100 #100 50lb Bag #100 $55.56
AO50120 #120 50lb Bag #120 $55.56
AO50150 #150 50lb Bag #150 $55.56
AO50180 #180 50lb Bag #180 $57.78
AO50220 #220 50lb Bag #220 $57.78
AO50240 #240 50lb Bag #240 $57.78
AO50320 #320 50lb Bag #320 $84.44
$84.44 Select options
Sandblasting garnet Abrasive blast media
North American Garnet

Rock garnet is one of the most durable abrasive blast medias available anywhere in the world. Its sharp, angular shape affords you the ability to be aggressive for tough surface preparation applications yet controllable for your less severe requirements. The characteristics of our garnet make it the perfect choice of abrasive for recycling when applicable. We offer a full range of sizes for a wide variety of air blast applications.

Mesh Size Blasting Products Waterjet Product
B30 B40 W50 W80
+20 25 25
+30 65 30
+40 10 40 40
+50 5 50
+60 10 45
+80 45
+100 10


Comes in 55lb Bags. Give us a call to let us know if you'd like 30/40 Medium Blend or 50/80 Fine Blend with this order! 

Call for ton & quantity discounts


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Plastic Media Blasting (PMB)
Plastic Media Blasting (PMB)

The PMB process economically removes, without damage, many coatings residues, contaminates, burrs, and flash from a wide variety of substrates. The process employs specially designed equipment which propels and recovers sharp-edged non-toxic plastic granules. Using proper technique, the combination of low operating pressures (10 to 40 psi), soft plastic particles and high flow rates permits rapid removal of paint and other coatings from these and other substrate materials without warping panels or damaging surfaces:

  • thin steel
  • aluminum
  • fiberglass
  • composites
  • urethane
  • hard dense woods

Clad, anodized, galvanized and phosphate coating are left intact. The PMB method is a proven environmentally responsible alternative to chemical stripping. In many cases paint can be removed layer by layer down to the base substrate or to the primer coating. Lead and plastic body filler can also be left intact and ready for painting.

Size Type Price
#12/16 Urea Type 2 $625.00
#16/20 Urea Type 2 $625.00
#20/30 Melamine Type 3 $575.00

Comes in 250 lb drum –  Special sizes are available by request

Call for ton and Quantity price


Soft Blast Media Acrylic Polymer MSDS/SDS
Soft Abrasive Malamine MSDS/SDS
Soft Abrasive Urea MSDS/SDS

$625.00 Select options
Sandblasting Potters Glass Beads Abrasive Media
Potters Glass Beads
Item # Item Size Mesh Price
MIL3 Potters Mill-Spec Glass Beads #3 20-30 $59.20
MIL4 Potters Mill-Spec Glass Beads #4 30-40 $46.88
MIL5 Potters Mill-Spec Glass Beads #5 40-50 $46.88
MIL6 Potters Mill-Spec Glass Beads #6 50-70 $45.00
MIL7 Potters Mill-Spec Glass Beads #7 60-80 $44.38
MIL8 Potters Mill-Spec Glass Beads #8 70-100 $44.38
MIL9 Potters Mill-Spec Glass Beads #9 80-120 $44.06
MIL10 Potters Mill-Spec Glass Beads #10 100-170 $44.38
MIL11 Potters Mill-Spec Glass Beads #11 120-200 $45.25
MIL12 Potters Mill-Spec Glass Beads #12 140-230 $45.38
MIL13 Potters Mill-Spec Glass Beads #13 170-325 $46.56
AA BLEND Potters Ballotini Glass Beads AA 40-70 $44.50
AB BLEND Potters Ballotini Glass Beads AB 50-80 $40.63
AC BLEND Potters Ballotini Glass Beads AC 60-120 $40.31
AD BLEND Potters Ballotini Glass Beads AD 70-140 $40.00
AE BLEND Potters Ballotini Glass Beads AE 100-170 $44.50
AF BLEND Potters Ballotini Glass Beads AF 100-200 $41.56
AG BLEND Potters Ballotini Glass Beads AG 120-270 $41.56

Comes in 50 lb bags

Call for ton and Quantity price


Glass Bead MSDS/SDS


$43.00 Select options
Sodium Bicrbonate Abrasive Blasting Media
Sodium Bicarbonate Media


Soda blasting can be used to remove surface contaminants and coatings by using soda blast media (sodium bicarbonate – baking soda). Compressed air is used to propel particles against the surface to be cleaned. When the sodium bicarbonate particles connect with the surface, it removes the contaminant or coating. Blasting with sodium bicarbonate is a nondestructive process. The soda blasting can be done in open air, booth or cabinet.

Comes in 55lb Bags

Call for ton and Quantity price


Natrium MSDS

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Walnut Shell Soft Blasting Media
Walnut Shell Media

Walnut shell is a great blasting media for auto mechanics, hobbyists and metal specialists. Walnut shell soft blasting media can strip paint, clear off rust and clean sheet metal, engines, and transmissions fast and easy! This blast media is ideal for aluminum metal & brass metal.

  • Ideal for cleaning aluminum and brass
  • Great for rust-free paint removal

The following sizes are readily available:

Size Price
Medium-18/40 $39.00
Coarse- 12/20 $39.00


Comes in 50 lb bags

Call for ton and Quantity price

View Walnut Shell SDS

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White Fused Aluminum Oxide Sandblasting Media
White Fused Aluminum Oxide

Aggressive grits engineered for tough jobs. Creates a deep profile. Coating/Scale Removal, Surface Preparation, Monument Finishing. 4 – 5 mil profile on steel.

Comes in 55lb Bags

Call for ton & quantity discounts

Item # Name Size Price
WA5016 #16 50lb Bag #16 $85.00
WA5024 #24 50lb Bag #24 $85.00
WA5036 #36 50lb Bag #36 $85.00
WA5060 #60 50lb Bag #60 $95.00
WA5080 #80 50lb Bag #80 $95.00
WA50100 #100 50lb Bag #100 $124.00
WA50120 #120 50lb Bag #120 $124.00
WA50180 #180 50lb Bag #180 $129.00
WA50220 #220 50lb Bag #220 $144.00
$124.00 Select options