12DC Bipower Trailer
12DC Bipower Trailer

Dust Collector

52 hp, 5.2 liter Isuzu 4LE1. Non-Overloading, spark resisting aluminum inlet cone fan capable of 12,000 cfm @ 12” wc. Control panel for engine and pulse system. Efficiency rating of 99.8% at 0.5 microns and MERV 12 initial rating. 18 vertical top loading cartridges. 4,680 square feet of QX primary filter media area air to cloth 2.56:1. Four 20” inlet ducts: two per side. Solid state programmable timer board. Hydraulic auger. Dual axle trailer with electric brakes. 8000lbs. 116″H x 96″W x 264″L.

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Schmidt BRS

The unit that started it all. The standard for blast and recovery systems in the industry.


Maximum working pressure: 150 psig at 250°F
Minimum metal temperature: -20°F at 150 psig
Blast hose size: Up to 1 1/2″


  • Blast where open-air blasting is prohibited, or is not possible or practical
  • Portable or skid-mounted 2.0, 3.5 and 6.5 cu. ft. models
  • Pneumatic or optional electric remote controls
  • Blast pressure regulator with bypass piping allows blasting at lower pressures
  • Urethane eductor (pneumatic vacuum pump) with 150, 225, 350 or 440 CFM nozzle
  • Cyclonic dust separator/media reclaimer
  • Dust collector (dry or dry-HEPA) with automatic pulse jet to prevent clogging
  • Easy, quick-open hatches for access to cartridges and filters
  • Optional differential pressure gauge (dust collector)
  • Moisture separator and media vibrator for smooth, even flow of abrasive
  • TVII abrasive metering valve (urethane sleeve)
  • Tungsten Carbide TVII sleeves available
  • Optional adjustable air wash for improved media cleaning
  • Optional remote abrasive cutoff for cleaner start/stop
  • Optional electric vacuum available

A heavy duty, portable system designed for contractor use. Higher productivity than our standard BRS, with heavy duty, high capacity components for blasting, vacuuming and dust collection.

Comet Portable Suction Blast and Vacuum System
Comet Portable Suction Blast and Vacuum System

The Comet packs the power of an industrial suction blast, recovery, and reclaim system into a package not much larger than a shop vac. The wheel-mounted Comet includes its own pressure regulator, pressure gauge, and moisture separator.
The 150-cfm media reclaimer operates on household current – 115v, 1 Ph, 60 Hz. The dust collector houses 14 cotton sateen tubular filters. With 20 feet of recovery hose, the Comet lets the operator move unencumbered about the work site. Specialized brushes allow the Comet to clean inside angles, outside angles, and uneven surfaces. The Comet uses 47 cfm of air at 80 psi, and cleans a path about 1-inch wide, at up to 36 inches per minute. It works best with fine mesh glass bead or aluminum oxide.

Available Literature

Small Closed Circuit Abrasive Blast Equipment

Item # Description Price
12542 Comet suction blast/vacuum unit reclaimer 120v/1/60 7,452.00
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Dry-O-Lite Desiccant Tablets
Dry-O-Lite Desiccant Tablets

What is Deliquescent desiccant? Deliquesce means to dissolve. A desiccant is a drying agent. So deliquescent desiccant is a drying agent that dissolves. With vapor attracting properties, deliquescent desiccants are ideal for drying compressed air and other gases and preventing the harmful effects of moisture. Dry-O-Lite® is used for drying Dry-O-Lite® is the leading deliquescent desiccant for compressed air systems.

Dry-O-Lite® is most commonly used with D Series Deliquescent dryers. Dry-O-Lite® suppresses dew point by 20°F and establishes a 55% relative humidity. With no moving parts, a deliquescent dryer requires no power. Simply add new desiccant several times compressed air. per year, and drain the vessel daily.

Features and Benefits

  • No energy consumption
  • Prevents condensation
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors
  • Prevents wintertime air and gas line freeze-ups
  • Environmentally safe
  • Low cost of operation relative to refrigerated dryers and regenerative desiccant dryers
  • ¾” tablet
  • Little or no maintenance on drying equipment
  • Available in 50lb bags, 50lb pails, 506lb steel drums and 2,000lb bulk bags


  • Abrasive blasting
  • Portable air drying
  • Low pressure gases, e.g. digester gas and landfill gas
  • Remote outdoor locations without electricity
  • Fuel gas dehydration for natural gas
  • Ready-mix, asphalt, and concrete plants
  • Pulp and paper
  • Steel mills
  • Dirty environments or areas with electrical classification restrictions

Van Air Systems Dry-O-Lite Dessiccant Tablets Brochure

View MSDS Sheet on Van Air Website

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ETI Cyclone 6 DC
ETI Cyclone 6 DC

Diesel powered skid dust collector

EnTech Cyclone series dust collection systems. Each model represents more than 20 years of product development, innovation, and jobsite proven performance. The cyclone is of specialized air handling and particulate collection equipment that offers several dramatic improvements over other collectors. Designed using unique and innovative technology, the cyclone will provide the user with safe and cost effective operation with outstanding results.

Standard Equipment Includes:

Engine: 24 HP Isuzu diesel Tier 4 compliant / Drive: Belt with Twin Disc PTO / Filtering Capacity: 7,500 cfm @ 12” Wg
Filters: 9 vertical top loading cartridges with 2808 sq. ft. QX media, air to cloth ratio of 2.67:1
Filter Efficiency: 99.8% at .5 micron after initial dust cake
Filter Efficiency: MERV 12 initial rating / Filter Cleaning: Solid state programmable timer for reverse jet pulse system
Inlets: (2) 16” duct ports (1 each side) / Fuel Tank: 40 gallon capacity / Waste Discharge: Hydraulically driven unloading auger
Finish: Epoxy primer and Acrylic urethane top coat / Dimensions: 114” Tall x 70” Wide x 118” Long / Dry Weight: 4,200 lbs.
One year limited warranty

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Graco Flat Tip Guard #220251
Flat Tip Guard


$25.96 $14.28
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Pipe Pro XL Internal Pipe Cleaning for 16″ to 31″ pipe
Pipe Pro XL Internal Pipe Cleaning for 16″ to 31″ pipe

Rugged, Heavy-duty, and Low Maintenance

  • For 16″ to 31″ pipe
  • Air motor control offers exibility in cleaning rates for varying surface conditions
  • Adjustable centering carriage for consistent blast pattern
  • Use with standard blast machine

Pipe cleaning just got easier with the Spin-Blast HD from Clemco. The Spin-Blast HD is a rugged, portable, high-production tool for blast cleaning the internal surface of steel pipe. Its carriage adjusts for cleaning pipe from 16″ to 31″ inside diameter.

The Spin-Blast HD is a pneumatic tool that is used as an accessory to a
standard blast machine. Compressed air powers an air motor for control of the blast head rotation speed allowing infinite flexibility for varying degrees of contamination of the steel surface. The tool can be used with nozzles from 3/8″ ID to 1/2″ ID and requires a minimum of 1-1/2” ID blast hose. [Larger nozzles can be used in special situations—consult distributor].


  • Sturdy, rugged tool that withstands the harsh blast environment
  • Few moving parts to replace
  • Independent air motor control of blast head suits varying surface conditions

Internal Pipe Tools

Watch a video demonstration on the Clemco website

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Power Gun
Power Gun

The Clemco Power Gun is a suction blast tool designed for dry abrasive blasting where the air supply is limited or the job is small. The tool is lightweight and compact and ideal where setting up a conventional pressure blast machine would be awkward or inconvenient. The Power Gun can be used with all common media to clean or etch metal, clean masonry, etch glass, and other durable surfaces.

The optional heavy-duty plastic hopper holds and ample supply of media. The amount of media loaded will be dictated by the application and the location of the blast job. Requirements for Operation These items are required but not included with the Power Gun: Clean, dry, compressed air of sufficient volume to maintain pressure at the gun. Volume of air will depend upon the application and desired production rate. Suitable NIOSH-approved air-fed helmet for respiratory protection for the operator, as required by OSHA.

Blast media as suitable for the application. The Power Gun handles most fine media suitable for blasting. Consult distributor for media recommendation. OSHA recommends against the use of abrasive containing more than 1% free silica.

The optional heavy-duty plastic hopper holds an ample supply of media. The amount of media loaded will be dictated by the application and the location of the blast job. Description of Operation The tool simply connects to compressed-air and abrasive sources. The unique suction lance installed on the abrasive hose is partially submerged into a bag of media. Blasting begins when the operator depresses a lever on the gun. The tool operates on the principle of induction, where vacuum is created by the compressed air rushing past the point where the abrasive hose attaches to the gun. The vacuum draws abrasive through the hose into the gun, where it mixes with compressed air. The air-abrasive mix exits the gun and strikes the surface to be blasted. Advantages

  • Lightweight, portable, easily transportable tool
  • Can be used with any media container or right out of the bag.
  • Simple setup—partially submerge suction lance into bag of abrasive
  • Easy to use and maintain

Popular applications

  • Touch-up work or re-blasting areas that may have failed inspection
  • Onboard ship
  • On a scaffold or other elevated or difficult to reach location
  • Small jobs

Power Gun – Portable Suction Blaster

Available Packages

Item # Description Price
Power gun assembly
with cart and hopper
99860 with 16-ft air & material hose 1,471.50
24687 with 30-ft air & material hose 1,525.50
Power gun less cart and hopper
90253 with 16-ft air & material hose Minus Cart 1,048.50
24688 with 30-ft air & material hose With Cart 1,102.50
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Light duty suction gun
Suction Gun

The Clemco suction Gun is a light duty suction type blast unit where limited air supply is available or desirable.  Inexpensive to purchase and operate, the gun is utilized for maintenance touch-up, removal of burrs and tool marks from machined parts, paint removal from fiberglass or soft materials such as aluminum.  Used with the recommended 30 mesh (or finer) slags or similar abrasives or 80 mesh (or finer) steel grits, the material supply to the nozzle is even and steady.  The squeeze-trigger start/stop provides positive operator control at the nozzle.

Suction Gun (SG-300) includes:

  • light-duty, portable hopper
  • 10 ft. air hose
  • 10 ft. material hose
  • screen
  • 5/16″ tungsten nozzle
  • 1/8″ jet

Available Literature

SG-300 Portable Blast Gun withHopper

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Clemco Wetblast Attachment
Wetblast Attachment

The Clemco Wetblast Attachment is a practical addition to conventional dry blasting.  Used by building and painting contractors, shipyards and refineries, the Wetblast Attachment eliminates about 80% of the dust without lowering blast efficiency.  It is uniquely suited to jobs in metropolitan areas or cleaning of masonry and concrete surfaces where excessive dust is generated.  When used to blast steel surfaces, a rust inhibitor is recommended.  The inhibitor may be sprayed on the surface immediately after blasting or can be mixed in a water tank equipped with a pump and sprayed through the wetblast head during blasting.

The Wetblast Attachment head, equipped with locking screws for mounting to the barrel of a nozzle, provides an operational advantage by mixing the water into the blast pattern just after air and abrasive leave the nozzle.  This provides a larger blast pattern and eliminates the stoppages occurring with systems which mix or carry an abrasive/water slurry through the blast hose.

The uniform spray of the Clemco Wetblast Attachment is achieved by six 3/32 inch water jets which surround the nozzle and direct the water flow to a point 3 inches in front of the nozzle.  As the water hits the air/abrasive stream it atomizes to envelop the abrasive particles.  The water volume is metered by a full flow petcock located at the blast head.   Pressure ranges of 30 lbs. to 60 lbs. (city water pressure) are acceptable.  50 ft. x 1/4 inch I.D. water hose is available for use with Wetblast Head.  Hose fittings attach to standard water hose or faucet.

Available Products

Reference # Item # Description Price
(-) 02701 WB-1 (Includes water jacket, shut-off valve, flexiblehose, connections) 136.00
1 02705 Connector 11.50
2 02706 Bushing1/2" x 1/4" brass 4.40
3 02709 Petcock and 9" hose 31.00
$4.40$136.00 Select options
Clemco Wetblast FLEX
Wetblast FLEX

Wetblast FLEXTM All-In-One Wetblast System

Our all-in-one WETBLAST FLEXTM system gives you convenience you don’t get from traditional slurry systems. Its design and simplified set up and operation make for easier end-of-shift shutdown. By mixing the abrasive and water after it leaves the blast machine, you never have to empty a machine of a messy water/abrasive mix.

Flexible set up options allow you to position the water injector either at the base of the blast machine or at the nozzle – your choice. With the injector at the nozzle, you can adjust the water/abrasive mix at any time.

You can dry-blast with the FLEX, simply remove the injector adaptor mounted at the base of the machine, and turn off air to the pump.

  • Skid Mounted – All-in-one convenient design with fork lift pockets and lifting eyes.
  • Water Source – On board water tank or municipal water source – add rust inhibitor if needed.
  • Abrasive Cut off Switch – With injector and ACS at the nozzle, you can control wash down and surface blow off without a trip to the blast machine.
  • No Pot Tender Needed – With the injector adaptor and ACS mounted at the nozzle, there’s no need for a pot tender.

Wetblast FLEXTM Base Unit

6 ft3  Blast Machine with Pneu Remotes and 50 ft Control Line
120 Gallon Water Tank
Wetblast InjectorTM Pump Module
Base-Mount Wetblast InjectorTM
Standard Wetblast InjectorTM with 50' Hose
Abrasive Cut-Off Switch
Blast Machine Screen & Cover
1 ½” Pressure Regulator & Air Filter


Available Literature:
Brochure – Wetblast FLEXTM
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Wetblast Injector System
Wetblast Injector System

Clemco’s Wetblast Injector System adds the dust-suppressing power of water to any pressure blast machine.  The Wetblast injects a small amount of water into the high-velocity abrasive/air stream just before the nozzle.

This hard-hitting mixture of water and abrasive cleans and keeps dust levels under control.

The Wetblast System introduces water into the abrasive/air stream before it passes through the nozzle orifice.  This results in a complete wetting of each abrasive particle, unlike with water ring systems.  The Wetblast controls airborne dust far better than water ring systems.


The power behind Clemco’s Wetblast Injector rests in our exclusive 10:1 pump.  It uses compressed air to inject water into the high-velocity abrasive/air stream at the nozzle.  A single pump can easily operate two nozzles, each with independent controls.  Simply purchase an additional nozzle adaptor and add one more hydraulic hose to the water outlet.

The Wetblast Injector System requires no electric power, so there are no wires and no connections to short or shock.

Because the Wetblast Injector has its own pump and uses relatively small amounts of water, any source of clean water will work — household tap, water tower, or low-lying tank.

A regulator and pressure gauge, mounted inside the control box, controls water pressure.  The operator adjusts the water volume with a fine-thread needle valve at the nozzle.

The versatile Wetblast Injector lets the operator blast with wet or dry abrasive. When the machine is equipped with an abrasive cut-off system, the operator can rinse the surface with air and water, then dry the surface with high-pressure air.


A blast system with Clemco’s Wetblast Injector quickly cleans structural steel to any degree of cleanliness from brush-off to white metal.  After blasting, the water-and-air rinse removes soluble salts and other corrosives that can cling to the surface.  If flash rust is a problem, the pump can siphon clean water from a static-holding tank that contains a premixed rust inhibitor solution to retard rust development on exposed steel.
Each includes: wetblast enclosure, water pump, hydraulic hose with fittings, and nozzle adaptor.
NOTE: Order nozzle separately.

Item # Description Price
05500 50 ft. of hydraulic hose,
05540 nozzle adaptor,
1-1/4″ straight thread,
1″ bore

Available Literature:

Wetblast Injector Systems

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