Why plastic media blasting and Kleen Blast/HD Supply?

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Why Plastic MediaLVI’s VP Chris Pechon explains:

“We’re restoring roughly 360 window frames back to their original condition. What makes it especially challenging is not only the fact that there’s several layers of lead-based paint that was actually baked on, but that we’re required to keep the original glass intact without damaging it. We tried aluminum oxides, but they etched the glass. We brought in expensive dry ice product and equipment, but by the time we got down to base metal, the glass had frozen and cracked. Our HD Supply representative, Mark D’errico brought KLEEN BLAST’s Representative out to evaluate our options. We were skeptical when they recommended the plastic product we’re using now. However as it turns out it not only remove the hardened coatings quickly, it does it without damaging the glass at all, and this is 80-year old single pane glass we’re dealing with.” It gets better. He continues “We originally estimated using 150 tons of plastic blasting media, a little under a half a million dollars for that alone. Better than dry ice for sure, but still….. KLEEN BLAST / HD Supply got us outfitted with the right equipment and training and immediately helped us stay way, way under the budgeted amount ! We couldn’t be more pleased with the support we’ve received from both HD Supply and KLEEN BLAST”.

When the hall reopens for business in 2015, it will become the home once again to the sheriff’s department and public defenders. The mice should be out of rehab by then.Why Plastic Media Restoration